Yo gals and guys!
I’m throwing out 3 signed copies of my previous sketch art book, featuring 40 pages of sketches from between 2011-2012. This book also features two tutorials on composition and so on.

I will randomly pick 3 names from all of the entrants from a tombola.

Enter the give away by simply liking or reblogging this post. There are ways of raising your chance to win though!

Like (non follower) = 1 tombola ticket.

Like (follower) = 2 tombola tickets

Reblog (non follower) = 2 tombola tickets

Reblog (follower) = 3 tombola tickets

If you decide to both like and reblog, you will get the amount of tickets combined. Max amount is however 5 for followers and 3 for non followers.

The minimum amount of entrants is 40, if this isn’t achieved by the deadline the give away will be cancelled. :(


winners will be annouced around July 4th!


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